About Us

About Us

Kheops make women attractive without being overexposed. The fashion label was originally founded in 2012 in Europe by the designer Victoria Cocieru.

In 2018 the brand was brought to the USA. The shared love of innovation, sustainability and strong, yet feminine design have led us to develop collections of exceptional quality, sourcing luxurious fabrics globally, ethically produced at our headquarters in Europe.

We focus on including unique elements such as metal, leather, and crocheted designs to name a few. We embrace cuts that reveal unconventional aspects of the body, as we strongly believe beauty is found in unexpected and unpredictable ways.


We aim to encourage women to be bold and unique. Kheops seeks to provide those special items we felt are empowering women to be different and dare to showcase their own personalities through a touch of style.

Mariana Badia –  CEO of Kheops